It’s not often that a limited-edition shoe collection is only released in Canada. But that’s exactly what New Balance decided to do with its 574 Woods Pack. The problem was that they had less than $50,000 to tell people about it. We knew there was a rabid fan base of “sneaker-heads” for this shoe, but we needed an idea that would get noticed and shared in shoe collector circles and other fashion publications.

So to celebrate a shoe that was only available in Canada, we convinced New Balance to give a pair of the 574 Woods Pack to every person in Canada. The hook – it was Canada, Kansas. And this small, rural town couldn’t have been more excited. As we hoped, so were shoe collectors. Journalists and shoe fanatics all picked up on the campaign and made this


Luerzer's Archive - November/December 2015, Promo Awards - Silver- 2015, Featured on: Creativity-Online, Complex


CCO: Helen Pak, VP CD: Cory Eisentraut, ACD: Brian Allen, AD: Natee Likitsuwankool CW: Deric Moore