Graffiti Alley Instatour

Millennials don’t care about history or preserving it. So the last place they would visit is a social feed by Heritage Toronto. But we flipped the script on this truth by helping Heritage Toronto preserve a part of the city young people do care about: Graffiti Alley. With the Graffiti Alley Instatour our target could virtually walk-through the entire length of the alley on their mobile device. Hidden within the 1,300 individual photos, we embedded dozens of surprising bits of information highlighting important pieces by celebrated street artists like Obey, Stickman, Uber5000 and Elicser as well as the spots made famous by Rick Mercer and Drake’s Views pop-up shop.

When you create the world’s largest photo of graffiti ever taken, people take notice. Our Instatour appeared on international sites like Boing Boing, Konbini and the Verge. And best of all virtually all of the engagement on the site was an entirely new audience for Heritage Toronto.


One Show 2017 - Merit, Communication Arts Advertising Annual - 2017, Marketing Awards 2017 - Silver, ADCC - 2017 Merit, Applied Arts Advertising Annual - 2017 (x2), Media Innovation Awards- 2017 Gold


CCO: Helen Pak, VP CD: Cory Eisentraut, ACD: Brian Allen AD: Nethmie Hetti CW: Jordan Darnbrough