Recently, there have been many brands attempting to address the issue of sexism with female empowerment campaigns. Ultimately though, most of these companies are using female empowerment to sell their products. The Canadian Women's Foundation wanted to help girls all over the world create a campaign of positivity that had absolutely no ulterior motive.

Together we set out to prove that the best way to show young girls that they have a voice is to get out of the way and let them prove it. We called this campaign #GirlPowered - a campaign for girls, created entirely by the girls themselves. This 100% crowd-sourced campaign was featured on billboards, transit ads, television, magazines, newspapers social media and even in other languages.

We were able to negotiate over one million dollars in media placements in over 40 different cities. In the end, this grassroots campaign has generated over 185 million media impressions and has became one of Canada's most talked about campaigns.


Applied Arts Advertising Annual - 2017 (x3), Canadian Marketing Awards - 2017 Bronze, Media Innovation Awards - 2017 Silver


CCO: Helen Pak, VP CD: Cory Eisentraut, ACD: Brian Allen AD: James Pacitto CW: Charlie Glassman