The future of marketing is scary.
We’re not afraid.

Hey there, we’re Brian and Cory. We are all well aware of the realities facing our industry. Budgets are being cut, the days of lengthy AOR relationships are numbered and consumers are ad-blocking and PVR-ing brands to obsolescence.

The reason we’re not afraid is because we know that times of evolution are also times of opportunity. But only if you know how to take advantage. And we do.  

In just two years, we have taken an agency that was virtually unrecognized creatively and completely turned it around. We’ve built a creative department that is winning multiple national and international awards for ideas that are also driving record business results for our clients.


But don’t just take our word for it. Check our math.


A creative rise that induced nosebleeds.

Over the span of two years Havas has risen 72 places on Strategy’s Creativity Report Card.



Creativity so consistent It's becoming commonplace.


While many agencies have award winning streaks, it’s often with one campaign or for one specific client. Our success was spread out over seven different campaigns for six different brands.



Winning on award show entry fees.

As a general rule of thumb, only about 20% of the work entered at award shows will be awarded in some form. Last year, over 50% of what we entered got us to the podium. By understanding the categories and knowing what juries are looking for, we took a modest awards budget and made it count. 



No Creative left behind.

Not only is our work being recognized at an array of award shows, our whole department is responsible for our success. All the creative teams came away with something to put in their trophy cases - including two of our junior teams. 



A Global Track Record of Success

We're proud to say that our work has been awarded at virtually every national and international show. Between us, we've had our work shortlisted at Cannes five times and have won two gold lions as well as a bronze lion. We've had our work featured in Communication Arts several times as well as winning Clios, LIA's, D&AD's and Webby's as well as Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards. Lastly, several of our most recent campaigns were awarded at both the CMA's and the Cassies. These were particularly meaningful to us as these shows are awarded on both creative merit as well as business results. And as you can see below, business results are something we take very seriously.

Award-winning work that actually worked.


Greenfield Natural Meat Co. – Brand Launch

How do you prove that a sustainable meat company is serious about its claim of being all-natural? Carve the world’s largest billboard into a farmer’s field.



Canadian Women’s Foundation – GirlPowered

To prove to girls that they had a voice we let them write the billboards that covered our entire nation.



New Balance Woodspack 574
– Promotion

To let people know about New Balance’s exclusive to Canada shoe release we gave a pair to everyone in Canada. Canada, Kansas that is.



Greenfield Natural Meat Co. – Meatless Monday

How do you follow one the most successful brand launches in North America? You tell everyone not to consume their product. At least on Mondays.